Dages Juvelier Keates

Dages Juvelier Keates is an artist born in Chicago in 1980. Working with and through the materiality of their body as a somatic space for holding paradox, their transdisciplinary praxis spans performance, dramaturgy, writing and pedagogy.

Since 2021, Keates has been engaged in dramaturgical dialogue with Faye Driscoll for Calving (Bremen,

2022) and Weathering (NYC, 2023) They have recently taught at PARSE Biennial Research Conference on Violence (SE), Paideia European Institute for Jewish Studies (SE), Campus PCS (PT), Ariana Reines’ Invisible College (USA), and The Royal Institute of Art (SE). Dages holds a BA in dance from Bard College, a transdisciplinary MA from NYU (2014), and an Advanced Masters from Sint Lucas Antwerpen (2022). They live and work between New York City and Stockholm, Sweden.